ETSY Gallery of Work for Sale


The photos on my web site are samples of my jewelry pieces; please contact me for availability or to place a custom order.

Bridal Peach Bridal Blue Beaded Bead
luna jewel Wedding
Luna Earrings Jewel Wedding
ghost rivoli earring triangle
Ghost Pearl Rivoli Triangle Chrome
dewdrop dewdrop dewdrop
Dewdrop Brown Dewdrop Luster Dewdrop Checks
Tassel Dagger Tassel Dagger Tassel Dagger
Pineapple Tassel Water Lily Pineapple Tassel
Twin Circles Twin Circles Twin Circles
Fire Polish Celsian RAW Black Pearls and Gold Gold Fire Polish, Black Pearl
Twin Circles Twin Circles Twin Circles
Old World Starburst Starburst
Tial Squares Tila Squares with Drop Tila Squares
Twin Circles Glass Shell Beads Twin Circles
Garden Party Drops Frosted Leaf and Melon Bead Garland Drops
Twin Ovals Twin Ovals Twin Ovals
Burgundy Pearl Loops Daggers and Crystals Druk Drops
wedding crystal circles petal


Fancy Crystal Twilight

Petals Crystal
Turquoise Glass Drops Black Sparkle Bob Curly Leaf
earbudone earbudtwo earbudthree
Crystal Bud #1 Crystal Bud #2 Crystal Bud #3
earstonebead fourbead drop fan
Flower Stone Beads Four Bead Drops Fans
steampunk tq flowerblackgold melon ear
Fans Petals Black and Gold Luster Melon Beads
bb jetxx bb purple luster crystal wreath
Crystal Beaded Beads Luster Purple Beaded Beads Crystal Wreaths
Single Dagger Loop Black Bronze Single Dagger Dorado Single Dagger Rust Green
Garden Party Beaded Bead Nautilus Shell Bead Twin Ovals
earbudfour earbudfive earbudsix
Crystal Bud #4 Crystal Bud #5 Crystal Bud #6
earbudseven unakite barrel unakite crystakl
Crystal Bud #7 Unakite Barrels Unakite Ovals
twilight fancy

twilight ear

Fancy Twilight Twilight Star Green
star blue crystal garden rain forest
Star Blue Crystal Garden Rainforest E1111
circle ear    
E3975 Peyote Circle Antiqua    

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