Necklaces 2



Rainforest SOLD

Earth Mother

Secret Garden

Marchessa SOLD

Ruffles Black Silver SOLD

Ruffles Olive SOLD

Ruffles Blue Etch SOLD

Shapeshifter SOLD

Garnet SOLD


Navajo Bride SOLD

Earth and Sky SOLD

Merlot SOLD

Della Robia

Metropolitan SOLD

Road Queen

All that Jazz SOLD

Deco Dance

Sunset Blossoms

Contessa SOLD

Pearls for Sarah SOLD

Blue Moon SOLD

Ruffles Etched

BumbleBee Lime

BumbleBee Metallic

Swarovski 27mm

Geometric Crystal 

Swarovski 35mm

Road Princess

Mosaic SOLD

Tapestry SOLD

Dagger Teal

Dagger Matte Turquoise

Dagger Lime Gold

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